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Solar Panels Provide Renewable Green Energy

SWPTA goes Green to Sustain Growth

As the U.S. looks to become more environmentally sustainable and “green,” the building and construction trades stand ready to support these new initiatives. From developing new, environmentally friendly building materials to employing sustainable building practices focused on conserving resources, the industry is well prepared to help bring in a greener future.

The signatory contractors of Southwest Pipe Trades Association affiliated unions are conscious of the movement toward green technologies and are developing best practices to ensure these initiatives are properly implemented and used on construction projects.

UA registered apprenticeship programs affiliated with the SWPTA teach the latest in green technologies

The members of SWPTA affiliated UA Local Unions receive the best training in the industry, as they are required to complete the UA’s five-year registered apprenticeship program. During this period, they learn the construction techniques used to efficiently build the components and systems used to produce hydroelectric and geothermal energy. They also learn how to maintain facilities that use these green technologies, while discovering the best ways to upgrade them to ensure they are as efficient as possible.

Water conservation is a vital aspect to life in the southwest region, as it is an area that experiences long periods of heavy drought. For this reason, SWPTA affiliated UA Local Unions and their signatory contractors have begun to emphasize the need for rainwater management and harvesting initiatives across the region. While rainwater harvesting is key to maintaining a sufficient water supply in arid regions such as the southwest, it is also beneficial to the longevity of plumbing systems, by reducing the burden imposed on them over time.

The highly skilled tradesmen and tradeswomen from SWPTA affiliated Local Unions are trained to adapt to the industry’s newest standards. These men and women undergo rigorous training to not only keep their skills up-to-date, but to ensure they understand and can expertly install and maintain the latest green technology.

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